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General Resources

Help for Veterans with PTSD

PTSD:  Frequently Asked Questions

Overview of PTSD  (DVA)

Overview of PTSD (NIH)

Psychological Trauma for American Indians who served in Vietnam

Effects of Traumatic Stress after Mass Violence, Terror, or Disaster

Epidemiology of PTSD


Seeking Help with PTSD

        A general overview of the nature of PTSD and the resources available to individuals suffering from PTSD.

Treatment of PTSD

        This fact sheet provides an in-depth overview of treatment options for those with PTSD.

Coping with PTSD and Recommended Lifestyle Changes

        Provides information for PTSD survivors on positive techniques for dealing with PTSD.

Sleep and PTSD

        Sleep disturbances and nightmares are common symptoms of PTSD, and these symptoms may even exacerbate other PTSD symptoms and make treatment more difficult.

FAQs about PTSD assessment:  for Professionals

        Provides brief information about how PTSD is assessed.

PTSD and Telemental Health

        Describes how clinicians use various technologies to deliver mental health care to patients who are miles away--discusses technology, clinical considerations, and specifically how telemental health applies to patients with PTSD.

Related Web Links

VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines for PTSD (PDF)

        This PDF contains the Post -Traumatic Stress Guideline developed by and written for clinicians by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense (DoD).

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For more information call the PTSD Information Line at (802) 296-6300 or send email to If you are in an immediate crisis, please go to your nearest Emergency Room or call 911.