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     Shay Way

Shay Way is a Cowlitz descendant of Chief Scanewa, from the Cottonoir and Plamondon families and has been involved in the tribal community since she was little. After graduating from high school, she had the opportunity to work during the summers with the Natural Resource Department taking part in various tasks ranging from eulachon collection to mountain goat surveys. It was these experiences that led her to choose a career in natural resources, seeking a job in which science meets indigenous culture.

Shay is currently a fisheries biologist for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, where she has worked for 3.5 years studying Pacific lamprey (a culturally and environmentally important species) in the Deschutes River Basin.

When Shay is not working, she enjoys relaxing at home with her husband and infant daughter. Sightseeing, hiking and camping across the Pacific Northwest are some favorite pastimes.

Shay is also working on a masters degree to teach biology and earth science so she can incorporate her real life experience into classrooms with the hope to encourage students to strive for a better world for upcoming generations to enjoy, just as Shay has been so lucky to do.