Ethics and the

    Columbia River Treaty

    Righting Historic Wrongs

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     Nadine Podmoroff

Nadine Podmoroff was born in 1962 in Nelson and was raised in the West Kootenays along with her 3 siblings within a rural Doukhobor community where she attended primary and secondary school, Russian school, Doukhobor choir practices and prayer meetings and other cultural events.  At a young age Nadine was taught herbal and traditional Doukhobor healing techniques by her Grandmother who was the healer in the community. 

Nadine worked various jobs while raising her son as a single parent while completing her studies at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences where she received a diploma as a Dr. in Chinese medicine.  She also received 2 diplomas from the Justice Institute and ran an acupuncture clinic for 8 years and worked for BC Ambulance for 20 years. 

For over 30 years, Nadine has been a dedicated volunteer coordinator for various spiritual, environmental and peace and social justice groups within the West Kootenays, Kelowna and Lower Mainland.  She was the founder of the Duhamel Watershed Society and Uranium Free Kootenay Boundary and has been organizing educational events as an Environmental Coordinator for 15 years mainly for the Kootenay Region Branch United Nations Association in Canada.