Ethics and the

    Columbia River Treaty

    Righting Historic Wrongs

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     Edward Washington

Ed was born in Birmingham Alabama, moving to Portland with his family in 1944. Ed’s family lived in Vanport City Oregon that was destroyed completely by a flood in 1948. It was the power of the Columbia River, and lack of flood control infrastructure that contributed to the destruction of the city of Vanport, creating a temporary homeless population of over 20 thousand citizens. Many of them being people of color. Ed has lived in Portland for seventy plus years. 

Ed has taught at Portland Community College (PCC) for over 22 years, teaching classes, on Nonverbal Communication, Leadership Skills Development, Motivation without manipulation, and Humor in the Workplace, for the Management and Supervisory Development Department.

Ed graduated from Grant High School in Portland Oregon, and earned, his Bachelor of Science Degree in Liberal Arts, from Portland State University in 1974, with emphasis in Social Sciences, and Speech and Communications.

Ed has work experience in the fields of Retail Sales, Education, Airline Industry, Oregon Health Sciences University, and also spent 23 years in Marketing, with Pacific Northwest Bell, Qwest, and US West Telephone Company. 

Ed was married to Jean Washington, a Music Specialist for The Portland School District for 39 years, prior to her passing in 1998. They also have two sons.

Ed has had the opportunity to serve on many Boards, and Commissions for the City of Portland, State of Oregon, Portland Area Community, and Non-Profit Boards that serve students, as well as citizens in need of health and welfare services. He also served as President of The Portland Branch NAACP, from 1987-1991. 

He served as an Elected Councilor on Portland’s Regional government (METRO) from 1992-1999, representing citizens, from NE, NW, SW and North Portland.

Ed currently works part time at Portland State University in the office of Global Diversity & Inclusion, as the Community Liaison for Diversity. In this role he does outreach work with students from Kindergarten through High School, in helping them start preparing themselves for going to college. Ed really enjoys working with students, and finds them knowledgeable, challenging, and  very special to work with.