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    Columbia River Treaty

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     Claudia Narcisco

Claudia Narcisco serves on the executive committee and as conservation committee chair for the Montana Chapter Sierra Club. She earned degrees in environmental studies and geology from Northern Arizona University. Her education, work and interests have familiarized her with many issues relevant to the Columbia River ecosystem. In her work as a geologist-geomorphologist on the Wenatchee National Forest, she helped develop watershed and landscape analyses for three forests in North Central Washington. In 2003 she returned to Montana as a writer editor on the forest plan revision team for the Western Montana planning zone, taking a broad landscape view of issues important to national forests across Western Montana. A longtime Union supporter, Claudia also served as president of the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE) Local 60 in Missoula.

Since retiring in 2011, Claudia has been active in many environmental and political issues. As MT chapter conservation chair she has worked with many individuals and groups active in the conservation movement advocating for wildlife, wildlands, and clean waters. On behalf of the Montana Chapter or as a citizen advocate, she has commented on forest projects and land management plans, and protection of our wildlife, wild lands and national monuments. She’s lobbied for bison, wolves, grizzly bear and public lands, as well as for clean water and renewable energy at the Montana State legislature. In 2015 Claudia had the honor to smoke a Blackfeet ceremonial pipe at a bison and wolf rally on the steps of the State Capital in Helena. She has also lobbied in D.C. for public lands with the Sierra Club and for labor issues with NFFE. Until recently she served on the Board of the Missoula Chapter of Montana Conservation Voters.

Claudia enjoys entertaining, gardening, a good argument, hiking the hills around her home, and the great Montana landscape.